Day 2 of school and the homework drama had already begun, but last night we had an amazing emotional meltdown aversion. My 12 year old son, Luke, and my wife were working on a project late at night. The printer was not cooperating and the frustration was building, Luke was getting defensive, Mom was getting mad and so was I... not the way to start the school year with a project that was supposed to be fun.

With Luke on the verge of tears, and us on a verge of a fight, I decided to take a time out and hook Luke up to my em-Wave from Heartmath and had him perform the Quick Coherence Technique. He was committed to his emotional misery, and after telling me how this does not work, he sat down and performed the most picture perfect shift from emotional stress to perfect physiological coherence.  After 12 years of using these skills, the power we have to shift our emotional response never fails to amaze me. From a full emotional melt-down he was able to calm himself down in under 2 minutes and sustain perfect coherence for the next 7 minutes (until my computer ran out of battery and then he wanted to do more). It feels good to be in emotional control and the Heartmath systems make it possible.

After making the shift and trying to stay in a bad mood I soon found him drawing the wave of his emotional coherence on another piece of paper and soon he was laughing at his Mom’s emotional meltdown, not getting sucked back in. The next thing you know Ali and Luke are talking about who is better at Heartmath and we all went to sleep happy.

Thank God for Heartmath.

Lukes Em-wave

This is Lukes session from last night, for the first 2 minutes he was extremely emotional , note the red and irregular pattern,but then he got his mind and breathing under control, he achieved and sustained a high level of coherence for 5-6 minutes and completely changes his attitude. This shows amazing control for a 12 year old.

Thats My Boy!

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