You can ask 10 golfers to fill in the blank: “Golf is 90% _________?” and they all have the same answer, “Mental”.

Now ask those same golfers how they practice their mental game and they don’t have any answer at all. This is a sad state of affairs! If my chosen sport were even 50% mental I would be putting in time to improve that side of the game, not just hitting another bucket of balls. In my opinion clear thinking and reduced stress will improve performance in all sports. Every sport has a psychological side to them. That is why they are fun to do. When you are not having fun playing your sport, step back and check your mental attitude.

If your sport was 90% Legs chances are you would do a lot of squats, running, etc. things to get your legs strong for you sport. Right? Common sense. Everyone agrees the mental game is extremely important, but it seems that it is mostly ignored. I believe this is due to lack of understanding. It has become a mystical side of the game that can only be accessed by the chosen few. This is simply not the case and with the proper skills you are in control of your mind, body and emotions.

Not to be too dramatic and I know that golf is probably not 90% mental, all we have to do is look at the athletes who are winning. They are physically fit but to also be mentally fit is very important, especially on Sunday afternoon. Tiger Woods said it best “The guy who is able to control his emotions the best will be the winner.”

One other question to leave you with and I look forward to your responses :
Fill in the blank: “Life is _____% Mental”.

If you are tempted to improve the mental aspect of your game, whether it be golf, football or what ever your passion may be  a sports psychologist can help, please call me on 561.398.5518 - John Denney