Denney Family

July 2, 2015 I am turning 53 years old, or as my friend Dave says, I am finishing my 53rd trip around the sun, either way it is making me think about a lot of things. It is so easy to go into regret, remorse and guilt, I shoulda, woulda, coulda, but I know those thoughts lead me straight to insanity so I am going to look at all the things for which I can be grateful. Its funny how thinking about a birthday makes you reflect on your life, take inventory.


July 2, is the half way point of the year, there are 182 days gone and 182 days to go. I learned this a few years ago and it makes my birthday even more introspective, the year is half over half over, what have I accomplished?


Since graduating college in 1984 I have lived in California, Colorado, Hawaii and Florida. That’s pretty cool right? I have a nice house and a healthy, happy family who love each other, and we get along with all of our extended families and friends. We try to make everyones day better with whom we come in contact and at the very least do not make anyones day worse. We have a beautiful beach where I go for sunrise almost every morning. I have a good life and I am extremely grateful.


So why do I get so caught up in emotions around my birthday? I really do not know but I am glad it only comes once a year.