John Denney

"You can be helping many people, but if you are not helping yourself, you have missed the one person you were born to heal."

- Alan Cohen

Golf and the Mastermind Principle

Jun 26, 2015 11:32:07 AM

Photo Credit Chuck BurtonThe Mastermind Connection between a golfer and his caddy.

January 2015 I learned about the Mastermind Principle as explained by Napoleon Hill, 2 or more people working in a spirit of perfect harmony to achieve a specific goal, and how it has been a principle you will find with all or most successful people.

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Three Strokes in Three Months

Oct 14, 2013 2:57:05 PM

Whit Staples Free Swing with John  Denney

I want to share with you a recent success story about a local pro, Whit Staples. He has been playing professional golf since 1998 and started my program May 29, 2013. He has played 20 competitive rounds of golf on a local mini tour since he started to use the methods I teach. His scoring average has dropped from 74.7 to 71.8 (2.9 strokes per round) compared to the 20 tournaments prior to us working together. If that’s not cool enough, I did a little more research into the numbers and I found out this...

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Rory Mcilroy - "Tooth or Tude?"

Mar 1, 2013 3:16:16 PM

Photo credit: www.irishnews.comThe story is all over the news and I have only been home for an hour, the biggest news in the world of sports. Rory Mcilroy withdraws from the 2013 Honda Classic 1/2 way through the Second Round. Now he has released a statement of apology and said he has a “sore tooth”.  A lot of people are saying “sore sport”.

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The Mental Side of Golf

Sep 11, 2012 3:16:18 PM

You can ask 10 golfers to fill in the blank: “Golf is 90% _________?” and they all have the same answer, “Mental”.

Now ask those same golfers how they practice their mental game and they don’t have any answer at all.

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