Photo Credit Andrew Redington/Getty ImagesThe Mastermind Connection between a golfer and his caddy.


January 2015 I learned about the Mastermind Principle as explained by Napoleon Hill, 2 or more people working in a spirit of perfect harmony to achieve a specific goal, and how it has been a principle you will find with all or most successful people. Working with golfers I have noticed a theme and at the highest levels, the player-caddy relationship is always a key. When you understand the mastermind principle it is obvious why this is so, the player-caddy relationship becomes a Mastermind, a spiritual connection.


Jordan Speith the hottest golfer in the world right now, with wins in both majors this year, The Masters and the US Open, is a great example of this Mastermind connection between a player and his caddy. Michael Greller and Jordan Speith have become the tour de force in the golfing world. I was so impressed watching them at the Masters and even more so at the US Open, after every shot Jordan and Michael come together and reset the team not letting shots good or bad affect the next shot to be played. During the US Open Michael would ask Jordan, “do you have a good picture,” before almost every shot. This kept Jordan’s mind on the task at hand and not let him go to the thoughts which create tension, the score, the last shot, winning or losing, things we have no control over and can take over our thoughts so easily.


What are the elements and how does the Mastermind principle work in the player-caddy relationship? The first is the physical game, he carries the bag, keeps equipment clean and in good working order, helps calculate the yardage and create the picture of the shot. The second is attitude and emotions, keeping the player calm, focused and tension free, understanding the pre and post shot routines and making sure his player sticks to those routines. The third is a spiritual connection that is based on love of the game, gratitude for the opportunity, and a mutual goal and plan, the Mastermind. There are many examples of the mastermind connection in golf, and I believe all the really great golfers had that special connection with their caddy. 


The Mastermind principle:

Can accomplish in one year more than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime.

Can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you.

Can have absolute protection against failure if your purpose is beneficial to all whom you influence.


The Mastermind principle can be used at all levels of golf, make sure to be pleasant and kind to all who you come in contact with including your competition, especially your competition, for if everyone is for you none can be against you.


 jordan and Michael