Hi! John Denney here and I guess its time for my first blog about what I do down here in Jupiter Florida. Well I am combining the Interactive Metronome and Heartmath for athletic and academic performance more about that in a minute. First a big THANK YOU to Jupiter SEO and Jeff Webber for getting me set up with my website and business cards and generally pointing me in the right direction.

So here goes - How do we teach our students and athletes to control their emotions and their physical tension? The problem is... we don’t! We tell our children to “calm down,” “take a breath” but we do not teach them how to do it, now you can. Using skills and techniques from the Heartmath Institute in Boulder Creek such as Quick Coherence, Heart lock In, and Freeze Frame we can teach how to control their nervous system and stay calm under pressure.

Using state of the art biofeedback equipment such as the Em-wave from Heartmath we are able to measure how well a person is controlling their physiological response in real time and show them how to move from a sympathetic response (fight or flight) to parasympathetic response (Calmness) and master the skills  acute mental focus, conscious breathing and proper thinking.

I feel there is a giant void in our educational system when it comes to self regulation skills, why? Because we don’t teach these skills.

Well that’s me,I am done for today, that wasn’t so bad - I think the next one will be about the mental game.