John Denney

"Premature Celebration, the surest way to lose a game."

- John Denney

I cannot express how impactful your presentation was for me and the team.  I am a collegiate coach because I hope to empower others towards self-worth.  Your program provided several life skills to help my players perform better from the inside out.  The results were immediate in our game the following day and overall team energy. “ Power breath,” has become our new...

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Rory Mcilroy - "Tooth or Tude?"

Mar 1, 2013 3:16:16 PM

Photo credit: www.irishnews.comThe story is all over the news and I have only been home for an hour, the biggest news in the world of sports. Rory Mcilroy withdraws from the 2013 Honda Classic 1/2 way through the Second Round. Now he has released a statement of apology and said he has a “sore tooth”.  A lot of people are saying “sore sport”.

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Get Your Head Back in the Bed

Jan 29, 2013 12:58:47 PM

get your head back in the bedWhat helps me get back to sleep is to bring my mind back to bed. This may sound funny at first but what I have found is I know my physical body is lying in bed but my mental body has left the room, it is not confined to the bedroom like my body. Thoughts are things and can wake us up just like the alarm clock does. The only way to stop a thought is by shifting our focus and activating a new thought form.

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Premature Celebration

Oct 23, 2012 2:51:19 PM

Premature or excessive celebration is practically an epidemic in girls volleyball and leads to some really bad mental conditions. The first problem with premature celebration from a mental perspective is that the team gets on an emotional high. The problem with this is that an emotional high is almost always followed by an emotional low. In my opinion, this is what leads to the dramatic momentum shifts we see in volleyball and most sports. I always teach my teams and my athletes that emotional highs can destroy performance just as bad as emotional lows. his is why it is important to reset your emotions after every point.

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Volleyball Linking Up

Oct 4, 2012 1:15:01 PM

Did you ever wonder why Volleyball teams come together after every point? Is there a reason or has it just become habit for teams to come together after they win a point to congratulate each other? I have been watching a lot of volleyball over the last few years, thanks to my daughter Ali, and have noticed a wide spectrum of team coherence.

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Homework Meltdown

Sep 25, 2012 11:59:39 AM

Day 2 of school and the homework drama had already begun, but last night we had an amazing emotional meltdown aversion. My 12 year old son, Luke, and my wife were working on a project late at night. The printer was not cooperating and the frustration was building, Luke was getting defensive, Mom was getting mad and so was I... not the way to start the school year with a project that was supposed to be fun.

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My very first blog post!!

Aug 23, 2012 2:23:50 PM

How do we teach our students and athletes to control their emotions and their physical tension? The problem is... we don’t! We tell our children to “calm down” “take a breath” but we do not teach them how to do it, now you can. Usings skills and techniques from the Heartmath Institute in Boulder Creek such as Quick Coherence, Heart lock In, and Freeze Frame we can teach how to control their nervous system and stay calm under pressure.

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