John Denney here again, are you ready for my second installment? Everyone talks about the mental game and how important it is in sport and also in business but most people do not have a mental game plan or really a clear understanding of what the mental game is. The mental game as I see it, is learning to control our thoughts so we can control our emotions and physical tension in our bodies. Thoughts manifest themselves as soon as you think and before you know it, it becomes a reality . If you think a negative thought i.e. “I am no good at this”, “I can’t do it”, “I mustn’t go in the bunker”, “I can’t score from here” , etc these thoughts manifest in the body as tension leading to decreased performance. Thoughts produce their kind so when you think “I am not good at this” guess what you are'nt  and end up in the bunker that's what has to happen but when you think “I can do it” or “thank you for my talent” yes you're right ,you become those things. So are you going in the bunker, or over the bunker and next to the pin, you now have a choice.


At one time or another most of us will suffer from looping thoughts, these are those repetitive thoughts that just go on and on and every time a thought loops the vibration gets stronger and stronger and it manifests into a reality. These looping thoughts can become our story which in turn becomes our reality and if our story is negative thoughts, guess what our reality will be negative too. The good news - it is simple to start a new looping thought to reduce and replace the thoughts that are causing mental and physical tension. Just read an article from Well Spark about Thought Worms. Check it out.

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