Whit Staples

Whit Staples seeing the target with John Denney

Whit Staples tension free swing with John Denney

I want to tell you a recent success story about a local pro, Whit Staples here in Jupiter. He has been playing professional golf since 1998 and started my program May 29, 2013. He has played 20 competitive rounds of golf on a local mini tour since he started to use the methods I teach. His scoring average has dropped from 74.7 to 71.8 (2.9 strokes per round) compared to the 20 tournaments prior to us working together. If that’s not cool enough, I did a little more research into the numbers and I found out this, during the first 10 rounds his scoring average dropped to 72.6 (2.1 strokes per round). The next 10 rounds were 71.4 (3.4 strokes per round) still showing increased improvement. Over the last 10 rounds of golf he has been at par or better 8 times and has a pair of 69's and a pair of 67's!!!!!!!! Of course Whitt has awesome golfing skills and loads of experience but he shows that there is always room for improvement.

During this journey, which has been only 12 weeks, he consistently told me he was having more fun on the golf course and people were enjoying playing with him, even asking for his number after rounds. When you make the conscious decision to play with an attitude of gratitude, and a love for the game it makes everyone better for it. Whit really understands this most important part of the equation. This is the real success story and the most important goal of my program, increased enjoyment. Increased enjoyment in golf leads to increased enjoyment in life. In my heart, I knew the numbers would back it up, and they have, but the fact he was having fun again, that is what is most important to me. Whit has become master of his emotions not a victim to them.

Whit's story is not the exception to the rule, it is the rule. When you learn proper self-regulation skills and implement them into your game, the results speak for themselves. The 2 main goals of my program are: 1. Improve Performance and 2. Increase Enjoyment. I put improve performance first because that is what most golfers care about. Guess what? It is impossible to improve performance if you do not understand how to increase the enjoyment, it  is a catch 22. The best part of my program is that it gives you skills and techniques that when applied, will increase enjoyment and then improve performance. I know anyone who commits to my program will show similar results. 

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