Did you ever wonder why Volleyball teams come together after every point?

Is there a reason or has it just become habit for teams to come together after they win a point to congratulate each other?  I have been watching a lot of volleyball over the last few years, thanks to my daughter Ali, and have noticed a wide spectrum of team coherence. Some teams never come together, some teams come together after the good points and the great teams come together after every point. When a team understands the reasons for coming together magic happens.

Volleyball is a game of momentum and the best way to avoid momentum swings is by staying calm in the good times and bad, setting the emotional pace of the game. It is extremely important for the team to come together after every point, especially after a lost point to lift up the team, and player, who made the mistake and re-establish Team Coherence. It is equally important to come together after a good point, not just to celebrate but to keep the team calm and not let the player who made the great play get overly excited. Watch a team that gets on a roll, celebrating after every point, letting the energy build and build until it is no longer sustainable and the team cannot seem to recover after they make a few mistakes.

In my new course, Playing from the Heart, I teach athletes skills to control their temper and their tension, "Syncing up", and then how to apply them to the team, "Linking Up"  so they can set the tone and not be so suseptable to momentum shifts. Understanding how the mental game. as well as the physical game. give teams a huge advantage over teams that do not. If you have a team or know a team that could use my help in getting team coherence, please give me a call at 561-398-5518 or email me at john@john-denney.com.