I was so grateful to work with the William Smith woman’s lacrosse in Orlando Florida. I want to thank Paddleboard Orlando for a great tour teaching the team the proper technique and showing the a great time on the water. I want to thank Brighde Dougherty and the coaching staff for trusting me with the team I know these skills will be beneficial to all who choose to use them.


HI John,

I cannot express how impactful your presentation was for me and the team.  I am a collegiate coach because I hope to empower others towards self-worth.  Your program provided several life skills to help my players perform better from the inside out.  The results were immediate in our game the following day and overall team energy. “ Power breath,” has become our new team  mantra both on and off the field.

 Thank you!

- Brighde Dougherty - William Smith College Lacrosse Coach


I really enjoyed John Denney's presentation. It is such a simple act that allows you to concentrate and take control of your body, yet it is something that not many people think to do. I now try and remember to take deeper calming breaths and use positive motivating words to both myself and my teammates. It has worked great so far!

- Hayley Braun, William Smith College lacrosse 

Our team used the tools John gave us to help us refocus and clear our heads so that we could play with our hearts, and we won!

- Taylor Anderson, William Smith College lacrosse 

John Denney's presentation was really cool, I've been using it as often as I can, on and off the field and I feel as if it's helped a lot. Seeing the actual results of just a few breaths was powerful, it gives physical evidence to something people say all the time - just breathe. 

- Allie O’Hara William Smith College lacrosse 

John Denney's Presentation on the breath has helped me immensely! I have applied this technique to lacrosse as well as my school work. It is a great relief making me more grounded and reminding me of what is most important.  I would recommend Paddle Board Orlando and John Denney's presentation to everyone I know because I have noticed a significant improvement in my performance on and off the field. 

- Marina Guigli William Smith College lacrosse 


Doing a session with John Denney was really eye-opening for me as an athlete that always under-performs when I over-think - he gave our team the most fundamental performance-enhancing advice and showed us the science behind how it works!~

- Geneva Calder William Smith College lacrosse


I found John's talk really helpful--I try using the three breath technique when I feel myself getting worked up and it really does calm me down.

- Molly McElgunn William Smith College lacrosse