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"Anxiety is a deep conscious breath away from dissolving."

- Mike Dolan

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Heartmath Academic Study

"The Students made gains that represented one to two years growth in reading and math with less than one month preparation and instruction."
Stephanie J. Thurik, M.Ed.,
Secondary Reading Curriculum Specialist
Minneapolis Public Schools

I am A certified
Heartmath PROVIDER

Heartmath is a company in California that studies the power of the heart. Starting with simple self-regulation skills such as focus and breathing we can see the instant effects on our heart and nervous system. These skills when properly applied will significantly reduce the effects of stress on performance and health. Heartmath also teaches how the heart acts like a second brain and when we are using right thinking we can finally answer the question: "What does your heart say?"

Interactive Metronome Student Effectiveness
Interactive Metronome Study

"More than 700 students completed the IM program and were tested on the nationally standardized Woodcock- Johnson III pre and post sub-tests to measure effectiveness."

The Results were as follows:

Over 1.5 yr. gain in Math Fluency
Over 2 yr. gain in Reading Fluency
Over 2.5 yr. gain in Mental Processing Speed

Certified Interactive Metronome Provider

I am an interactive
certified PROVIDER

The Interactive Metronome is a program that teaches one to keep a beat, and when the brain and body learn how to keep a beat we see improvement in a host of skills. With simple exercises such as clapping and tapping your feet to an electronic beat the IM shows if you are early or late in relation to the tone. As timing improves so does concentration and focus as well as balance and coordination which improve athletic and academic performance.

Find out how John Denney Can help YOU find the calm in YOUR storm! Choose one of the Categories below to read more about the packages that may suit your needs.

Heart Breathing - Heart Focus - Heart Thinking
Heartmath and Interactive Metronome training significantly increases academic and athletic benefits.
Angel Monguzzi Pro Golfer on the PGA Tour
Academic Benefits
  • Test Scores
  • Comprehension
  • Focus & Attention
  • Motivation to Succeed
  • Reading and Math Fluency
  • Listening Skills
  • Memory Recall
Athletic Benefits
  • Timing in Golf
  • Balance in Volleyball
  • Focus in Tennis
  • Coordination in Lacrosse
  • Consistency in Baseball
  • Overall Execution in Sports
  • And MORE!
3 sessions - 1 Hour Each - Heartmath Basics:
learn Quick Coherence and how to apply Them
Learn: Heart Focus, Heart Breathing, Heart Feeling
Techniques: Quick Coherence
This is the most powerful self-regulation skill I have found. Learn how to control your emotions, eliminate physical tension and reduce the effects of stress on your performance. This simple skill will improve athletic and academic performance and increase the enjoyment of life. The way I present the heart rate variability training is simple and powerful and should be a good compliment to any mental training program.
Category 1 Benefits
  • Get you into the Here and Now
  • Improve performance mentally and physically
  • Increase enjoyment
  • Reduce test taking anxiety
  • Temper control
  • Tension reduction
  • Thought direction
Finding calm in the heart of your storm.
Category three hurricane: A hurricane with winds 111-130 mph (96-113 kt or 178-209 km/hr). Storm surge generally 9-12 ft above normal. Some structural damage to small residences and utility buildings with a minor amount of curtainwall failures. Damage to shrubbery and trees with foliage blown off trees and large trees blown down. Terrain continuously lower than 5 ft above mean sea level may be flooded inland 8 miles (13 km) or more. Evacuation of low-lying residences with several blocks of the shoreline may be required.
6 sessions - 1 Hour Each: Advancing
Power of the Heart and the Power of Rhythm
Learn: Heartmath/em-wave
Practice: Interactive Metronome
Discuss: Intro to Ho'oponopono (learn more)
This gets to the heart of my practice, the combination of Heartmath and the Interactive Metronome. It is hard work, but the results are immediate, quantifiable and will last you a lifetime. When these skills are learned together the results are amazing.
The brain loves to keep a beat. Unless you are a musician or a dancer, we really never learn how to keep a beat. The Interactive Metronome gets the body and brain into rhythm therefore improving concentration and coordination.
I will show you how the heart thoughts of Love, Gratitude and Forgiveness affect the nervous system and how to use them to replace the thoughts of fear, worry, self doubt etc... I will explain the concept that "Thoughts are Things" and how every thought manifests in our body, how you change hormone production reducing adrenaline and cortisol while increasing DHEA and Oxytocin.
These sessions will get you into the "Here and Now" while improving your performance mentally and physically. It WILL reduce test taking anxiety and those choking moments before a big moment in your sport.
Category 2 Benefits
  • Concentration
  • Mental Processing Skills
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Enjoyment
  • Happiness
  • Temper Control
  • Tension Reduction
  • Thought Direction
  • Stress
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Anger, Worry & Fear
Finding calm in the heart of your storm.
Category Four hurricane: A hurricane with winds 131-155 mph (114-135 kt or 210-249 km/hr). Storm surge generally 13-18 ft above normal. More extensive curtainwall failures with some complete roof structure failures on small residences. Major damage to lower floors of structures near the shore. Terrain lower than 10 ft above sea level may be flooded requiring massive evacuation of residential areas as far inland as 6 miles (10 km).
15 sessions - 1 Hour Each:
Heartmath Advanced Emotional Cut Through and Full Interactive Metronome Course
Learn: Heartmath/em-wave and Interactive Metronome in Depth
Train: Train in Heart Thinking to Control Emotions and Physical Tension
Practice: A Complete Interactive Metronome Course
This is my complete practice and what I recommend for anyone who is serious about wanting to improve their performance and enjoyment. The complete interactive Metronome protocol will increase mental focus, concentration and processing speeds as well as balance, timing and coordination. This training takes dedication and commitment but the rewards are well worth the time. The training is short term, 15 sessions, and the benefits are immediate, quantifiable and long lasting.
This package is Heartmath training with an intense focus on Heart Feeling. Learning what thoughts work and what thoughts don’t, is the key to sustaining peak performance. This is really what I am all about, thoughts are things that make up our reality. It’s as simple as this; if you are thinking good thoughts life is good, if you are thinking negative thoughts life will seen negative. When we can stop and replace negative looping thoughts with positive, productive, reinforcing thoughts, our performance improves in all areas of our lives. Brainstorm Jupiter is a great compliment to other practices such as meditation and yoga. It gives you access to physiological coherence anytime and anywhere without anyone knowing. This will become your secret weapon to peak performance.
Being in conscious control of our mind, body and spirit allows us to be fully present in the here and now, this is where peak performance happens, this is being in the zone. John’s combination of Heartmath and the Interactive metronome have proven to be very effective for all athletes and students who are striving to be the best they can be.
Category 3 Benefits
  • Concentration
  • Mental Processing Skills
  • Balance
  • Coordination
  • Enjoyment
  • Happiness
  • Temper Control
  • Tension Reduction
  • Thought Direction
  • Stress
  • Performance Anxiety
  • Anger, Worry & Fear
Finding calm in the heart of your storm.
Category Five Hurricane: A hurricane with sustained winds greater than 157 mph (252 km/h). Storm surge generally greater than 18 ft above normal. Complete roof failure on many residences and industrial buildings. Some complete building failures with small utility buildings blown over or away. All shrubs, trees, and signs blown down. Complete destruction of mobile homes. Severe and extensive window and door damage. Low-lying escape routes are cut by rising water 3-5 hours before arrival of the center of the hurricane. Major damage to lower floors of all structures located less than 15 ft above sea level and within 500 yards of the shoreline. Massive evacuation of residential areas on low ground within 5-10 miles (8-16 km) of the shoreline may be required..