John Denney Photo

I am John Denney, M.A.

I have a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University in California. I am a licensed provider for the Interactive Metronome and for the Heartmath Institute. While I was living on the Island of Maui I developed a Biofeedback practice that I called Brainstorm Maui. I specialized in stress replacement therapy working with professional athletes, children, and executives, I teach self-regulation skills such as focus and breathing. These techniques get athletes into the zone and people get into the here and now, where they can find the "Calm in the Eye of the Storm".


This is what I can do for you!

My biofeedback practice combines the Heartmath and Interactive Metronome programs together. The benefits of using these protocols together will dramatically decrease the affects of stress in the body as it will improve performance, increase enjoyment and deepen relationships. It really does not matter what the stress is – worry, fear, anxiety, anger, or sadness; those feelings affect your body and mind the same way... negatively. The skills I teaches will make life a little easier, and isn’t that the point!