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John Denney is a Performance Coach & Motivational Speaker based in Jupiter, Florida.

Peak Performance & Stress Replacement Coaching

Former big wave surfer John Denney teaches the systematic use of love and gratitude, and how those lead directly to improved performance and increased enjoyment of life. Heart Rate Variability technology and metaphysical experiences with John’s coaching helps people tap into their higher self and promotes heart-brain coherence in challenging environments.

John has studied the teachings of Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Alan Cohen and his first mentor was astrologer to the stars, Carroll Righter. In his coaching career, John has worked with prominent athletes such as big wave surfer Laird Hamilton, LPGA golfer Lexi Thompson, and Red Bull Skater Zion Wright.

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LPGA Golfer Lexi Thompson talks about Coach John Denney

Ali & John Denney chat about The Harmony Exercise

John’s Story About Carroll Righter, Astrologer To The Stars

In 1985 John met Carroll Righter, astrologer and spiritual advisor for many of Hollywood’s most famous including Ron and Nancy Reagan. Carroll explained to John the main reason for his success was his understanding and use of the power of thought, and that we become what we think.

Carroll taught John “The Harmony Exercise” and this 15 minute routine gave John a new way to live life in synchronicity with great creative principle through the renewal of the mind. John’s Coaching incorporates Carroll’s focused breathing and thinking exercises, with heart rate variability technology to provide a truly unique coaching experience that inspires and motives people to excel personally and professionally.

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When we change our thoughts, our reality changes.

Coaching Packages & Workshops

15 SESSIONS: This is John’s flagship package. 15 sessions to be completed within 6 months. This is a transformational experience that is guaranteed to improve performance and increase enjoyment for $3000.

6 SESSIONS: Continuing Coaching $250 per month $3000 perf year (1X per week call as well as 24 hour access) for $1500.

WORKSHOPS: Provide access to John’s coaching strategies for small and medium sized groups: 1/2 Day $750, Full Day $1500 + travel expenses.

Mind Body Flush: John’s program for a full reset which is based on 10 days of meditation, water, and juice with no food, booze or caffeine for $750.

Motivational Speeches & Spiritual Events

Keynotes & Presentations: Bring John Denney to your events to inspire and motivate your attendees to reach peak performance and excel in their personal and professional lives.

Motivational Speeches: Does your team or organization have a big game or event coming up? Help your people find clarity and inspiration with a speech from John.

Ordained Minister: John is legally ordained to officiate weddings, and can also direct events for other spiritual events like celebration of life and renewal of vows.

A Little More About John Denney

John has a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from Pepperdine University in California, and he is a licensed provider for the Interactive Metronome and for the Heartmath Institute. While I was living on the Island of Maui, John developed a Biofeedback practice that he called Brainstorm Maui.

John specializes in stress replacement therapy working with professional athletes, teams and business executives. He teaches self-regulation skills such as focus and breathing. These techniques get athletes into the zone and people get into the here and now, where they can find the “Calm in the Eye of the Storm.”

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